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PIU began in 1947 with the express goal of providing biblical training for the church. With an influx of men and women returning from war, PIU quickly became a hub of discipleship for those seeking to positively influence the world through the good news of the gospel. Today, PIU continues in the rich heritage of Bible training and centers itself around the Christocentric message of hope through all of its programs, ranging from undergraduate through doctoral degrees.

While historically, PIU has had strong relationships with local churches regionally, e412 provides a pathway to continue that relationship and provide resources to both local churches and the church universal, for both individuals and groups alike. Based on the concept of equipping the saints (found in Ephesians 4:12), e412 is PIU’s offering back to the church so that information and training materials might be available globally regardless of one’s relationship and prior knowledge of PIU.

On this site, we have resources such as videos and podcasts that are designed to provide you with both a sample of content that might be part of a degree program at PIU as well as the means to earn your master's degree for a fraction of normal tuition. In fact, the Master of Arts in Ministry degree can be completed for less than $3,000 in total tuition. If the idea of a degree does not appeal to you, you may still utilize the resources on this page without ever applying to PIU. Our desire is to carry forth the PIU legacy through positively affecting the world by providing the resources necessary to do so.

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MA in Ministry

Available for $1,125 per course, but with the Atlantic Heritage Ministry Scholarship you can study for $297 per course.

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